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At the core of our work is the creation of
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Focus, creativity and expertise in the team
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About Us

Corporate strategy, values and vision

Shaping the future; strategy development, innovation management, strengths/weaknesses analysis

Organisation and change management

Creating the perfect fit in the organisation: Process orientation, project organisation, agile structures

Transformation and project management

Achieving operational excellence: Lean Management, Purchasing and Supply Chain Management, Professional Project Management

Digital Lean - the path to Industry 4.0

Exploiting opportunities through digitalisation (IoT): linking Industry 4.0 tools, lean principles and agile implementation

conmotion: a strong team of experienced consultants and project managers

conmotion is a team of consultants that combines deep industry knowledge with specialised expertise in strategy, operations and supply chain management. In doing so, we help our clients optimise their business, improve the operational and risk profile and expand organisational performance to ensure sustainable change.

As experienced professionals, we bring the know-how to create long-term change for our clients. We are not typical "management" consultants. We offer sector- and discipline-specific knowledge and expertise, which enhances our scope of influence/action and helps us to safely shape the future for our clients.

Dirk Brakemeier, as a creative mind and consultant, stands for trustful interaction and goal-oriented project implementation. As an industrial engineer, he likes to pursue new and creative approaches to solutions in a collegial environment. The well-being of the customer is always in the foreground. You can find out more on Linkedin.

successfully delivered projects

successfully delivered projects

years of experience in consultancy

worldwide satisfied customers

worldwide satisfied customers

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Knowing the actual situation, clearly formulating the goal and having a clear view of the environment is crucial for every successful transformation. We provide orientation.

Gaining orientation at the beginning of a project is very important to us. This includes a common understanding of the current situation, clearly agreed goals, a strategy for achieving the goals and an implementation plan.
'If you don‘t know where you are going,
any road will get you there.

If you don‘t know where you are starting from,
a map won’t help you.'

Understanding change as an opportunity is the basis for future success. Shape your change plans with us, both in terms of strategic orientation and operational implementation.

Change always means letting go of the tried and tested. This is often not easy. That is why it is all the more important to consciously manage change with all its effects and risks.

We rely on a combination of change management and organisational changes to raise awareness and ensure sustainability in the organisation.

Strategy development and organisational design

Get to know us and discuss with us in the context of an open conversation in which we sound out which key topics are to be addressed. In this way, you will learn more about our methodology and approach.

In workshops, we work with you to develop an interlocking corporate orientation with the elements of vision, mission, strategy and values, which lead to concrete fields of action and an implementation plan.

Depending on your business model, we develop a future-oriented organisational model. We define main business processes and adapt the organisational structure accordingly. In doing so, we pay particular attention to the three aspects: Process organisation, project organisations and agile structures.

Business transformation

Shaping change is our passion, which we pursue with verve.

In this building block, we focus on optimising value creation processes and introducing lean processes. The dovetailing of lean management with the possibilities of digitalisation forms the core of our work level.

We ensure a coordinated digitalisation path (Industry 4.0) and immediately incorporate corresponding tools into our process optimisation.

We achieve sustainability through accompanying change management and the use of open communication, as well as by strengthening self-organisation in the teams.

Project management

An important key to the success of change projects is that the implementation is accompanied by appropriate importance and professional project management.

This is where we come in. We carry out projects professionally, bring projects back on track and accompany you in the development of project management skills.

Depending on the task, this is done with traditional project management methods or with agile project management. In IT projects, we increasingly use the Scrum approach to create solution elements quickly and controllably.

Our roles in the project

We speak your language - from management consulting to implementation - all from a single source and tailored to your needs.

Trusted Advisor, Coach

Management Partner: Advisor; Strategy Development; Change Management

Consultant, Expert

Idea generation; concepts and approaches; think-out-of-the-box; neutral and objective instance; impulse generator; communication; interim management

Project Manager

Project organisation, planning, steering and controlling; goals and progress monitoring; risk management; stakeholder management

Implementation support

Implementation organisation, monitoring and progress; on-site advisors; motivation and reference projects; resource support

Project references

Here we show you an excerpt from our customer projects

Should Costing with XIONA by conmotion

Fast, simple and efficient - our Internet-based Should Costing solution
Cost advantages through supplier development based on common cost structure models and creation of a better negotiating position

Rapid availability of comparative costs through portal technology; immediate comparative costs for renegotiations as well as identification of cost-influencing parameters

Organisation and governance
Knowledge building among employees, transparency of decisions as well as early involvement of purchasing in award decisions



Some of our customers who have relied on us for years

Customer testimonials

Impressions from our in-house exhibition

Winning over customers and interested parties for a joint exchange is important to us. In 2016, we organised our in-house exhibition for this purpose.

The main topics are: Project management and supply chain management.

The contents of the presentations were documented in parallel as business graphics.


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