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Lean transformation for mid-sized companies

S16sikuSigmund Kunststofftechnik (SiKu) is a mid-sized company producing plastic parts and components for various industries as well as for the consumer industries. SiKu has initiated the lean transformation with consultancy support of conmotion. The major objectives have been in parallel the reduction of lead times and inventories.

The project should visually show the change direct from the beginning. So we decided to start with workshops on the shop floor to involve the people and to underpin the practical aspects of this transformation. A Lean Champion was established and we also initiated an activity plan for the white collar staff, so that the whole company starts thinking that each individual is involved in the transformation process.

The material flow was analyzed and the Kanban principle was established to reduced inventories and ensure lead-time adherence. The manufacturing started to transfer to a pull oriented cell system triggered by pull signals of the internal customer. Other effect was that the overall equipment efficiency also increased and we created free space in the warehouse and on the shop floor.

The conclusion of this project is that lean principles can be implemented with lots of benefits especially in mid-sized companies fast and very efficient.