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A global aerospace company drives cross company improvement initiatives into the supply chain


Our referred-to client is a global manufacturer of gas turbines for operations on land, sea and in the air and a worldwide market leader in many markets such as aerospace, military and energy and the only company in Germany with a complete procedural and systems capability to develop, approve and manufacture modern jet engines.

The global project of our referred-to client is referred to as the “40-day engine”, with the clear aim of supplying an engine within 40 days of the start of the ordering flow path. Conmotion GmbH has assisted the purchase and procurement in an advisory capacity, ensuring the realization of the client’s ambitious targets.

In practice, the complete structure of the whole supply chain has been analyzed, comprising the categorization of suppliers and components, and the concepts relative to the restructuring of the supply chain are developed and implemented. Supplier development and cost-reduction methods are defined and for the purposes of workshops, they are deployed in the supply chain. On top of this, we have demonstrated the potential of e-Business solutions. Through e-Business solutions, supply chain business processes have become exceptionally quicker and more transparent.