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The History of conmotion GmbH

  • 1999: Foundation of conmotion GmbH
    Since 1999, Conmotion GmbH has successfully directed our clients through consultancy projects. We formed as a spin-off of BTR plc, consulting on process-focused advisory work at European affiliates and manufacturing bases with many well-known businesses within automotive supplier-, mechanical engineering-, automation & drives – as well as metering systems industries.
  • 2000: Focus on lean management in the order fulfilment process
    The consulting portfolio had initially focussed on lean management and lean manufacturing issues, but the portfolio then quickly expanded and advanced in parallel with existing expertise, such as the introduction of Kanban, the implementation of 5S workshops or the organisational re-design of the order whole order fulfilment process.
  • 2002: Close integration of business process transformation and IT
    Processes and IT are interdependent to the extent that they have to be considered together. As a result, more requests for the professional management of IT-project have arisen. This may be on the business-side as well, not just on the IT-side. In conjunction with the extension of the consulting portfolio and the widening of the client-base, we have increased the range of our client projects and it is increasingly being extended in line with large businesses’ projects. These are distinguished through a higher complexity both of the internal procedures, integration into a complex supply chain and of the markets, which cover our clients.
  • 2004: Specialisation on purchasing and strategic supply chain management
    Through a reduced contribution to the net value added to many businesses, the significance of supply chain management and the importance of purchasing have risen sharply. Therefore, many of our service competencies move increasingly to the supplier market interface and from the deducible organizational concepts
  • 2007: Project Management becomes key success factor
    Project management becomes a key competitive factor. Shorter product development cycles and more focus on resources occupied by innovation, development or business transformation projects is the driver for much more focus on matured project management methods and tools. We have taken this into account and our consultants are certified by GPM (project management association).
  • 2012: Launch of new products and services in our portfolio
    Our services for purchasing, strategic supply chain, business process optimization and lean management are formed in a way to address customer needs now more precisely. Our competences in IT and project management are fundamental to support our projects.
  • 2014: Focus on supply chain management
    Our supply chain management benefits from our experience in the consulting fields purchasing and business process management. We lead complex and international transfer projects and create transparent multi project landscapes. The result is a cost efficient, lean and robust supply chain which ensures cost targets, delivery reliability, quality and security of supply.
  • 2016: Cost management, should costing portal XIONA.DE and smart factory
    The development of practical tools for direct customer use is in focus. Cost management and should costing are the main drives in our purchasing competence area. For customer benefits we have developed an on-demand portal for should costing ‘XIONA.DE’ with underlying access to value engineering experts. Driven by fast acceleration of smart factory solutions on the market but still confusion how to embed these tools, we have developed a smart factory assessment tool based on a maturity level model, which baselines the actual situation and gives direction for a digital transformation strategy.

We are grateful for the support and trust shown by our clients and we hope to carry out successful projects with existing and new clients in the future.