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Smart Business - Internet of Things - Industry 4.0

We give you the answer to this question.

Under our consultancy focus of Industry 4.0, we offer you two products that build up on each other:

  • MAI 4.0: Maturity Assessment Industry 4.0
  • EMMELI  4.0: Enterprise Maturity Model (for) Excellence Level – Industry 4.0

MAI 4.0 (Maturity Assessment Industry 4.0)

Through a carefully compiled analysis program, our assessment delivers a determination of the current situation regarding Industry 4.0 and a basis for a digitalization strategy. With this, Industry 4.0 gets tangible examples of implementation for your company, so that a solid implementation strategy becomes available, which is at the same time, fundamentally in concordance with the senior management.

We focus our assessment in 4 dimensions, which are decisive to measure the Industry 4.0 capabilities:

  • Strategy & organization
  • Process excellence
  • Technology
  • Innovation

EMMELI 4.0 (Enterprise Maturity Model (for) Excellence Level Industry 4.0)

When it comes to finding the right tool for continuous improvement, we offer the right maturity level system for you with our “EMMELI 4.0”.

With EMMELI 4.0, you will get a system to plan, implement, measure and analyze your Industry 4.0 projects, which at the same time is assessed and aggregated to a company- specific maturity level.

EMMELI 4.0 provides the organizational framework and a chance for benchmark analysis. The entry point takes place through the assessment program “MAI 4.0”.