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Lean Product Development Processes

Innovations have to be developed for the market at a faster rate with high reliability and taking into account the full product life cycle. This increasingly means that development processes have to be optimized and harmonized to ensure future competive advantages.

We take the approach to transfer the procedures and best practices from proven production methods and tools as the starting point. These methods are then specific adjusted for the optimization within the development processes environment.

The implementation process comprises running through the following stages:


  • Recognizing and eliminating wasteful aspects of the process, increasing transparency and efficiency
  • Sharpening of entrepreneurial-thinking and the establishment of the Chief-Engineer-Concept
  • Module specific development in Simultaneous Engineering Teams and the establishment of Frontloading in the development process
  • Definition of integration milestones, pulling and flowing development processes and cyclic-development plans
  • Developing and sharpening the responsibility and expertise of project team, as well as the introduction of decentralized schedule responsibilities
  • Establishing Change Management, implementing a plan-do-check-action cycle with support in methods and tools
  • Integration of development partners or development suppliers in the development process, cross company collaboration

Project Management in Product Development

We have acute experience in the management of product development processes and projects-, specifically in the automotive manufacturer industry and supplier, aerospace industry as well as mechanical engineering. We offer to establish sound project plans in a multi-project context. In the course of this, we consider the specific dependencies in PDP and synchronizing sub-processes.

In a standard project, we define the critical components in the development process, the deliverables and dependencies in relation to the standard development phases, establishing project parameters and, from that, modeling a generic project management framework as a basis for efficient project control.

Closely linked to the setup of proper project management structures we offer also project management office services for ongoing support to ensure the once established level of maturity. In doing so, we employ staff who have diverse experience in the automotive and aerospace industries.