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Kanban is a simple and efficient tool for material management between supply and consumption cell. With Kanban you can increase the stock turnover rate and reduce inventory and work in process. We implement Pull signals for replenishment cycles and the order quantity will be reduced which leads to better lead times.

To demonstrate the principles of Kanban an interactive model is here:
Kanban with 5 Cards >>>
Kanban with 6 cards >>>
Kanban with 7 cards >>>
Kanban with 8 cards >>>
Kanban with 9 cards >>>
Kanban with 10 cards >>>

Closely linked with the introduction of Kanban as well as 5S workshops is the implementation of an order fulfillment center as the main organizational element in operations and as the interface to sales.

Internet-Kanban / COIN-K (COnmotion INternet Kanban)

The implementation of a lean and transparent material flow requires easy use as well as reliable and visual tools.

Our tool coin-K (conmotion internet Kanban) enables you to manage material flow based on pull principles within the extended enterprise environment. It allows you to have full visual transparency of material flows from suppliers and moreover you can build your own networks to have a visual check board for the production situation of multi tiered supplier chains. The inventory situation of the whole supply chain can be visualized. This will reduce machine downtime due to stock outs and the availability of material can be increased.

We offer coin-K as an ASP (application service providing) solution, which also allows small companies to join this tool. Maintenance, archiving and updates of software are done by conmotion. The user only should have access to an Internet Explorer. That’s all.

Innovation Award for Internet-Kanban (COIN-K)

The information technology of coin-K is based on the three-layer concept. Presentation, application and database layer are separated. Interfaces are available based on XML-language. A full backup system is in place in case of emergency.

conmotion GmbH was awarded for this solution with an award for innovative products developed within the region of Hanover Innovationspreis der Region Hannover 2002

conmotion GmbH wins an award at the Competition for Innovation in Hannover in 2002. The product COIN-K establishes a transparent and effective logistics flow tool in multi-tier supply chain environments.

Award and extract out of the brochure „Innovation Award Winners” (Lower Saxony Ministry for Economics, Labor and Transport; status March 2003).