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5S Workshops and Kaizen

Everything starts at your own workplace. 5S is our tool to restructure, clean and optimize the workplace environment. This is the basis for successful involvement of employees and for the understanding of improvement processes on the shop floor and office area.

We offer 5S Workshops oriented on your individual requirements for the shop floor and production as well as in the administrative office areas. Based on the concrete requirements we might focus on layout, Kanban, SMED or process analysis and improvement.

The workshop is based on the Kaizen cycle and includes the following 5 steps:

- Seiri Sort All unnecessary items/equipment/files from the workplace
- Seiton Set in Order Configure items that are left so that they can be found within 30 seconds
- Seiso Shine Visually and physically sweep the area and repeat the sort and set in
- Seiketsu Standardise Set standards for documents, audits and make structured Reviews
- Shitsuke Sustain Making it standard working practice that is sustained over prolonged

In all 5 steps we combine theoretical background with hands-on activities. This is the strength of our concept which as well enables us to measure the success of the workshop directly after it has been finished.

A normal 5S workshop is scheduled for two to three days and should include 8 to 12 people. It is recommended to complete at least 5 workshops to have the methodology transferred and to have successful show cases within the company.

Due to the deep involvement, the employees will see improvements directly at the end of the workshop. Therefore, there is a high momentum to go ahead and realize improvements based on 5S method.