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Order Management, Production and Logistics - Lean Management

We design all of the processes directly relating to the supply chain. Doing this we focus on achieving shorter delivery times, high stock-turn rate, high transparency of the running of the business, through visual management and small self-regulating organizational units. For this we are using our lean transformation method. In each project, we address the following points:

  • Improvement of adherence to customer wish date
  • Increase of stock turnover rate
  • Kanban and Internet-Kanban / COIN-K: implements pull systems for logistics and is the basis for flow manufacturing
  • Reduction of scrap rate (SixSigma approach)
  • Increase of overall equipment efficiency
  • Re-organization of departments to focus on value stream
  • Standardization of process and projects (CMMI)
  • Short process times and clear responsibilities will generate faster order management
  • Visualization of workflow and task e.g. 5S-workshops

The introduction of the Lean Management model aims at production units from 50 to 1500 employees per location or per unit. We also conduct Lean Management measures in adjoining areas such as Buying and Development. A typical transformation project lasts between 12 and 24 months.

Our experienced and reliable advisors will guide you through each of the stages to reach the goal of a Lean Enterprise. We work on the advantages and the critical points of each stage and will support you with the implementation of a continuous improvement cycle.

The benefits of Lean Enterprise appear particularly quickly for medium-sized businesses, since the transformation of direct ways of communication and decisions is often successful.

Lean Management for Mid Sized Enterprises

S64_leanConmotion support with the offered consulting services the management concepts especially mid sized enterprises on their way to world class production. The reason is that these companies often are faster and more strictly in the implementation of lean concepts in production, logistics and order management.

Our experience based on several projects is that benefits are measurable and obvious shortly after the transformation starts. Lead time reduction of 50% or more is often achieved as well as the correlating increase of stock turnover rate.

In our consulting services we are working on the shop floor involving the operational staff to implement changes fast and with the support of the companies’ transformation team. Often we combine activities of our tool set to address the dependencies among the tools like 5S workshops, setup time reduction, order management.

conmotion bundles a lean transformation concept out of our toolset individually based on the need and priorities of our customer.