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Business process management

Optimization of business processes where it has the highest benefit

Within our competence field ‘business process management’, we focus on the following two major processes:

  • Product development and industrialization
  • Order fulfillment (order flow, production, material flow)

Because of the close link with purchasing and supply chain management, our second major competence field, we also consider the value-added chain. This way we take the whole value-added chain, from supply chain management at suppliers site, order fulfillment and production to supply chain management at customers site into account.

Another reason for considering the customer interface is the influence on the product portfolio and the overall complexity. This ensures a production process without unnecessary obstacles.

Industry 4.0 – The new accelerator of the change process

We understand Industry 4.0 as the digitalization of business processes, as well as products and services, interleaved with the corporate strategy and based on a technological integration between the IT- and the manufacturing infrastructure, in order to increase productivity and to enable new business models.

In doing so, we primarily provide the guidance and the foundation for a tailor-made business positioning. Industry 4.0 and Lean Management strengthen one another in their implementations and enhance the possibility of engaging a global business process optimization by effectively applying existing methods and tools. The combination of Industry 4.0 and Lean Management offers the opportunity to maximize productivity- and growth potentials, which should not be locked away by the business.

Strategy, structures, processes and people are the main drivers for success

Within our projects, we consider the following four dimensions:

  • Strategy: Harmonization of business strategy and goals
  • Structures: Establishment of project management, teams, governance and rules
  • Processes: Creation of efficient and effective processes and structures in alignment with the strategy
  • People: Change management and qualification of employees

Our approach and the methods used within the projects ensure the consideration of these four dimensions and a successful transformation of organizational processes and structures.