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Should Costing with XIONA

IT based cost management

Use our IT based cost management solution XIONA empowered by conmotion and webcuisine. You will get access to benchmark and should costs. XIONA will deliver transparent cost break down data, that can be used for supplier negotiations as well as input for purchasing strategies or in the process from product innovation to product development stage.

Cost effectiveness

  • Cost benefits for supplier development due to joint cost models
  • Empowered negotiation position due to availability of should costing
  • Risk minimization due to sustainable databases and decision-making basis
  • Sourcing decisions based on value added analyses

Cost efficiency

  • No interference with the existing infrastructure and thereby no investment or effort on training
  • The portal solutions allows the immediate use of should-costing that can be used e.g. in a negotiation process
  • Identification of the key cost influencing indicators

Organization and Governance

  • Additional knowledge tank for your employees
  • Focus on strategic tasks
  • Smooth integration of cost data into the operational process
  • Transparency and traceability of purchasing decision

XIONA - developed in cooperation

XIONA is a product of conmotion business consulting in cooperation with partners. The ideas and concepts for XIONA are developed by conmotion. In a joined process with our partners the ideas are evaluated and realized on with innovative IT solutions. This is done with the value engineering office ‘Ashton Manufacturing Services’ and the application development company ‘webcuisine’ in Hannover. Thereby we are able to offer our customers a concentrated knowledge pool bringing different disciplines together in a hot-spot of Expertise.

Our vision

Should-cost are the result of a cost model. By this your position within the negotiation process will be empowered and you will gain additional transparency on the market. As a practical benefit you will have more time and resources for strategic tasks. Be a step ahead with XIONA!

Due to our module based approach of the web-portal we are able to integrate the next release in a fast and easy way for your future benefits. With the current version you already can calculate mechanical parts online. While you are piloting the first step, our team is already working on the next level of capabilities. In the near future our customers shall be able to calculate hybrid components in the same level of detail and ease of use.

XIONA – With a trustworthy step into the future of price negotiation!

What XIONA is offering you

The should-costing allows a cost analysis based on a cautiously defined set of technical parameters. Considering further experiences reflected in rules and algorithms, the material and manufacturing costs will be calculated. For a fast, easy and user-friendly should costing, the web application ‘XIONA’ will be the solution.

Our approach allows – depending on the requirements of the user community – to scale the desired level of detail of the cost calculation. Thereby you gain an efficient and effective access to the market average cost data for mechanical components. This is possible without any investment expenditures in or an intervention of your existing IT landscape. With our 3-step approach XIONA provides linked to the level of criticality / complexity the required calculation, a certified detailed analysis or a workshop (e.g. Dfx) Approach.

Use the IT-based solution and get access to benchmark data and reliable should cost. Take advantage by should cost due to transparent cost data, which will provided you with a perfect backup for contract negotiations with the supplier as well as to take any strategic decisions in purchasing, product development or manufacturing portfolio questions.

The 3 stage approach

Basic portal solution

  • For mechanical basic parts
  • Parameters: regions, material and conditions of supply
  • Results: reliable should-costing (+/-10%) with a break down into material, production and logistics cost as well as profit margin
  • Free version

Professional portal solution

  • Next level of complex parts
  • Additional access to the low cost countries
  • Optional access for validation by experienced value engineers with quality certificate

Expertise and consulting services

  • For high complex systems
  • Value Engineering Services, like detailed cost analyses, scenario management, or Dfx-workshop
  • Set up of organization, governance and processes around should-costing