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Sustainable Cost Management

Sustainable cost management - best value for money

For us, sustainable cost management means, that there are systems and structures in place, that will support a company to have the best balance of purchasing power and delivers the best value for money. Our service portfolio offers strategic as well as operational approaches and methods. The customer benefits from short term, direct cost savings. But also the increased maturity level of the cost management processes and organisation will have a positive impact to reach long term competitive advantage.

Our strategic service elements ...

 … addresses at first the implementation of increased performance of the organisation view of cost management in a company and it is set-up and running.

Our service offering Your benefit
Set-up of governance structures and process for sustainable cost management (e.g. function purchasing, governance rules and how it works in matrix organisations, spend scenarios interlinked with commodity strategies) Transparent structures with clearly defined roles and responsibilities aligned to company goals. Risk potential reductions by continuously optimising the supply chain and the prevention of bad surprises.
Implementation of a cost management organisation in between design, engineering, industrial engineering, purchasing and supply chain. Organisation focussed to deliver cost performance and risk reduction supported by tools and methods that are integrated in the company wide goal alignment process.
Reduction of complexity on purchasing parts level and increased use of common parts to avoid internal process costs as well purchasing spend per material group. Methods and tools to reduce parts complexity in the supply chain. Reduces bunch of similar parts with the same function. This delivers less process costs and increased purchasing power by volume bundling.

Our operational service elements ...

…are oriented by the guideline ‘putting the right resources to the right place to resolve a temporary issue’. So your customer value is on one hand side that you have access to experienced resources which on the other hand side will also achieve an additional process and knowledge level by direct project work.

Our service offering Your benefit
Execution or support of complex ‘request for x’ processes Professional RfX projects, increased performance within negotiation period and elimination of risks or hazards in the business awarding step.
Execution of DfX workshops and setting up the organisation environment for DfX governance Realisation of savings in the supply chain by structured approach for definition and realisation of cost potentials and joined implementation effort by integration of suppliers.
Driving cost savings through use of method changes available and matured in the supply chain and baselined in the own company Sustainable transformation to use best of class as extended supply chain. Realisation of benefits through innovations in the supply chain.
XIONA: web portal for fast and efficient should costing access (benchmark data and make vs. buy decision support) Fast, efficient access to should costing and benchmark data which keeps the value engineering resources focussing on their strength. Use of XIOA will increase the lever in the negotiations process.

Please contact us to discuss the best approach for you and the best bundling of services that will fit to your needs and that will deliver the best value for you.