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Marine industry:

The marine industry is a global operating industry in a volatile market. The market is mainly split into merchant and offshore products. The offshore industry is linked to global exploration of oil & gas. The whole industry is working on small series or customer specific orders. In a volatile market, closeness to the customer and a global supply chain linked to market and own business goals are a challenge. In addition, the focus on best cost countries is still a competitive factor. We support especially critical projects where suppliers have to be changed immediately. This is where our consultants profit of their process optimization knowledge and experience.

Consulting and service portfolio:

  • Purchasing processes and optimization
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Transfer of work
  • Supplier development


Rolls-Royce Marine

Selected success storys:

For a huge global company operating in Marine business we have delivered several projects to integrate a new supply chain for critical components or systems. This covers project in the merchant market as well as in offshore market.

The overall goal of these projects has been to establish a cost efficient and powerful supply chain, that is capable to deliver high quality to best prices in a global operating market. Out role in these project is to be the integrated project team leader and also we are supporting the operational transfer and ramp-up phase also by a professional project management office.

Main focus of our projects has been the commodities castings and machined parts for the application within propulsion, steering gears and deck machinery.

Replacement screws on the ship at the dock.

riskNormal lead time for a project various between 6 to 18 months depending on complexity and quantity of items involved. Main argument for our customers to use our expertise has been: gain transparency, play a neutral role between commercial and technical targets und secure the continuity of supply within the transfer / rampu-up due to the experience and holistic view of value stream processes.

A professional risk management and the linked follow-up of risk mitigation activities is one of our key project management instruments which are using to evaluate the risks and to install governance principles like stakeholder structure.

For a huge global company operating in Marine business we have done a project to run and further adapt the standard process for ‘transfer of work’ on the special requirements of the industry the customer is working in.


The overall goal of the project was to check the existing standard process by process analysis backed up by real life projects to establish an adapted process map on the next matured level and reflecting the special requirements of the company and market. The new process and aligned resource plan should be streamlined and defined lean and smart.

Within the project we have analysed the process and detected weak points as unbalanced resource requirements or dependency rules between commercial and technical evaluation process. Blocking points have been eliminated and a reorganized process has been defined and established.

The new defined process has been validated by practical application and derived lessons learned cycles. At the end the process was less complex, less resource consuming and the user acceptance was given, because the adapted process has reflected real business needs. On the following picture you can see a schematic draft of the process.


The average lead time for such a project is 3 to 6 months depending on exiting process maturity level, required integration into different functions, training and roll-out requirements and complexity.

You can find additional success stories in the project examples section.