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Automotive industry:

Automotive companies are operating under very high cost pressure, no failure processes, reduced lead times and complex industrialization projects. Critical success factors are efficient value adding processes as well as a competitive, reliable and innovative supply chains. The automotive OEMs are focusing on green power solution, autonomous driving and connected car solutions. For the tier-n supplier it is important to handle the increased requirements on flexibility and responsibility in combination with worldwide delivery expectation.

Consulting and service portfolio:

  • PACE – identification and optimization of indirect cost structure
  • Optimization of material flow and inventory turns
  • Efficiency and effectiveness in value stream flow
  • Lean order flow (waste elimination) and cycle time reduction
  • Lean management and lean manufacturing
  • Purchasing and supply chain management
  • IT processes and process automation


Continental, Hirschmann Automotive, Thyssen Krupp Presta, SaarGummi, Valeo

Selected success storys:

For an international automotive supplier for rubber products, the pull signal oriented material flow is a proven element in the material management arena. Within this project the Kanban principles have been extended for critical tools and repair processes. We started with a workshop covering the theory and then we move to the shop floor and implemented the Kanban principle directly on the shop floor.

As an immediate result the inventory was reduced, transparency was gained the availability of materials and tools have been improved even within the workshop. This initial activity was the showcase for further projects to implement a pull signal based material flow in the manufacturing.

We used our internet based Kanban solution COIN-K for the linkage of pull signals between European and Mexican facilities. Based on this pilot the requirements of cross location Kanban have been defined and later realized in the used ERP system.

The Valeo production facility in Wemding produces electronic components for car manufacturer. Due to growth in volume and diversity of products on one hand side and restrictions in space on the hand side there was a need to optimize the material flow.

The link between semi finished products and final assembly should be improved in the sense of reduced materials on the shop floor and improved lead times. This should generate more flexibility to react on changing demands.

We started with 5S workshops to achieve 20% reduction of space required. This free space was used to install Kanban areas directly on the assembly line. Also additional storage locations have been eliminated.

To empower the shop floor people as well as administrative areas the 5S workshops have been extended to the order management office areas. This was sign to all involved people to bring their ideas into the change process.

“Red card” activity in administrative ares and direct implementation of improvements described on control boards.

Defined Kanban areas on the shop floor.

You can find additional success stories in the project examples section.